Tuesday 30 July 2013

What type of blog are you?

Now for a moments quiet retrospective introspection on my blog and its place in the blogosphere.

My blog is troubled ... it is troubled by its lack of identity.

In a moment of clarity it experienced an epiphany and realised it is genre less ... it is without genre.

It sees all the other happy blogs out there ... securely cocooned within the comfort of their chosen genres ... be it fashion blog, beauty blog, mummy blog, gardening blog, crafty blog, cooking blog, arty blog,  IT blog, social commentary blog, whimsical blog, famous celebrity blog, etc ... and it cries.

It doesn't belong ... anywhere ... it feels so ALONE.

I try to tell it that its OK to be a sort of miscellaneous blog ... an anything goes blog.  I tell it to embrace its freedom to be anything it wants on any given day.  It need not be contained within the parameters of a genre ... it will rise above a label, a tag, a title.  It will live beyond the square ... it will rise like a phoenix from the ashes ... it will soar ... you can never take it's FREEDOM!


So as I was saying ... my blog has no genre ... bummer!

Monday 29 July 2013

In case of an emergency ... dial Mum ...

Master 13 found himself in the midst of a little dilemma last Friday.

When asked later just exactly how this event unfolded he set the scene like this,

"Well ... I was in my Maths class ... and I dropped my pencil.  So I reached down to get it off the floor ... and I noticed something green ... you know ... right there" ... he points delicately to his groin region.  "Then I realised it was my underpants ... and I realised I had a great big hole in my shorts ... you know ... right there!"

"So what did you do?" ... we all waited with bated breath for his answer.

"I sat up ... crossed my legs ... pulled down my jumper ... and texted Mum."

Of course you did!

P.S.  A replacement pair of shorts were delivered to school in an efficient and speedy manner ... by Mum.

Sunday 28 July 2013


"A portrait of our children, once a week, every week in 2013"

Master 16:  "I'm how old?" ... I know ... I can't believe it either!

Master 13:  A thoughtful moment out in the glorious winter sunshine.

Birthdays and sunshine ... no need to feel shirty,
We had all the good stuff in Week Number Thirty.

Joining in with Jodi.

Saturday 27 July 2013

The Beanie....

It seems there is a fashion trend,
That's sure to send me round the bend.
Cause all the boys within my home,
Desire to look like a garden gnome.

It all began with my eldest son,
Who plonked it on just for the fun.
But he clearly liked his new found groove,
And the beanie couldn't be removed.

I knew right then where this would go,
When it comes to brothers I'm in the know.
For whenever he sees something on his brother,
The younger must have it and asks his mother.

So the younger son was heard to plead,
That a beanie was just the thing he needs.
And though I felt a strong reticence,
There were now two gnomes in residence.

Then my eldest growled with deep displeasure,
That his brother had copied him altogether.
And then in a move that was certain to rile,
His father then jacked his fashion style.

And now I am living in constant fear,
That I'll catch the bug of this headgear.
For I may be accused of being a meanie,
But I just don't like the slouchy beanie!

By Me

Friday 26 July 2013

Mirror, mirror ...

I woke up the other morning, dragged myself out of bed and stumbled into the bathroom.

There I peered with bleary eyes into the mirror ... and this is the sight that greeted me.

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Whose the scariest of them all?
Whose face is pale and without hue?
The complexion sallow ... we know it's true.
Whose eyes are glassy ... without expression?
A sight that's sure to inspire depression.
And the only way to redeem this hag,
Is with pancake makeup or a paper bag!
But the most horrific part of all,
Which you'd agree .. of this I'm sure.
Cause it will frighten people everywhere,
Is that dreadful case of severe bed hair!
Luckily Hubby doesn't find it too alarming,
Cause the mirror says ... "You can forget Prince Charming!"

By Me

Thursday 25 July 2013

Sweet Sixteen ...

Now just before I duck out to the Office of Births , Deaths and Marriages to formally register Master 15's name change to Master 16 ... I thought I would give you a brief pictorial of his special day, yesterday.

The presents ... 

The present pilfering by Buster when he thinks no one is looking ... 

The feigned look of excitement ...

The aftermath...

The dinner menu ...

The family ...

The challenge ... NOT accepted ...

The birthday boy's dinner of choice ... chicken schnitzel ... of course ...

The cake ...

The candles ...

The secret surprise ...

Hope you had a Happy Birthday MASTER 16!

Wednesday 24 July 2013

Baby love ...

The world's media is currently agog over the brand new baby arrival.

And who wouldn't be ... what a delicious bundle of baby goodness.

In a somewhat coincidental turn of events this historic moment in time coincides with an historical moment of my own.

On this day ... sixteen long, though short years ago ... I was going through a very similar experience ... but without the royal connection, the media, the security guards and the general agog.

Just after midday on this day, sixteen years ago ... I welcomed my own bouncing boy ... after a 34 hour labour.  YES people, a 34 HOUR LABOUR!

I was exhausted, shell shocked, scared ... but very happy.

See ... just like Kate ... minus the glamour.

Tuesday 23 July 2013

Undeniably Me ...

This week's fashion prompt for Shiny T Tuesday was "Undeniably You".

Now trying to consider what is "Undeniably You" is a bit like trying to describe yourself to someone you have never met.  It's difficult.

So I decided to ask those nearest and dearest to me what their top three fashion choices for what is "Undeniably Me" would be.  If nothing else the answers should be interesting.

Hubby was quick off the mark with scarves ... and I have to agree ... I wear a lot of scarves.  I don't limit myself to winter either ... I'm happy to wear a scarf at anytime of the year.

Just a very small sample of my scarf collection
Next he decided on jeans.  Agreed ... 95% of the time I can be found in jeans.

Just a very small sample of my jeans collection
Lastly, he came up with sunglasses.  Yep ... I wear them all the time.  I can't bear to squint ... it gives me a headache every time.  So I like to believe my sunglasses are more medicinal than fashion ... but I do like my medicine to be bang on trend.

Just a very small sample of my sunglasses collection
Then I asked Master 13.  T shirts, he declared with confidence.  Okay ... not very exciting ... but he could have a point ...

Just a very small sample of my t-shirt collection
... they go so well with the jeans that were his next selection.

Still just a very small sample of my jeans collection
Finally he selected Converse sneakers ... yep ... part of the same uniform.

Just a very small sample of my Converse collection ... just kidding this is it
Then I moved on to Master 15.  I was highly suspicious that he would pick the most unflattering "Undeniably Me" fashion ... and I was right.  Firstly he suggested "those weird, ugly, pointy massage things you wear".

Guess he means these ...

Just one pair ... too ugly to have more than one
Secondly he suggested, "those cheap rubber thongs you wear".  I'm Australian ... what else would I wear in summer?

Most of my rubber thong collection
And finally, he suggested "Pyjamas ... you really like hanging around in pyjamas ... like those ones you're wearing right now"  How rude!

Just a very small sample of my PJ collection
And there you have it ... apparently these are my most "Undeniably Me" fashion items ... whether I like them or not!

Sunday 21 July 2013

Surprise ...

It was my sister's birthday last week.

I couldn't write about it on the actual day in case I accidentally let slip that her family was organising her a surprise party ... I'm really not very good at keeping secrets from people.

There was a big party, because it was a special birthday ... you know ... one that ends in a zero.

Because I am such a kind and generous sister I won't reveal the actual number.

I'll make sure that I don't even mention it once ... cause that's the sort of kindness that sisters show for each other.

Sisters look out for each other ... specially when it comes to sensitive issues like dress sizes, embarrassing habits and ages ... particularly ages.

She was somewhat surprised.

But it turns out she had become highly suspicious when not a single person asked her if she was having a party.  Turns out you can actually keep a secret too well.

It's a very serious business turning ... ( a number with a zero on the end) ... we gave it all the respect it deserved.

Happy 60th some number Birthday Juliet.

You can read her blog here ... but be warned she doesn't update it often enough ... something else I am allowed to say because I am such a kind and thoughtful sister.


"A portrait of our children, once a week, every week in 2013"

Master 15:  A pensive moment amidst the chaos.

Master 13:  Snaps a self portrait ... he found the lure of a huge, full length mirror too much to resist.

We were off to a party and had a wonderful time,
So we took these quick pics for Week Twenty Nine.

Joining in with Jodi.