Saturday 13 July 2013

Future Footy Superstar ...

Master 13 attended an AFL Training Clinic this week ... run by the Sydney Swans.

He got to meet the players ... get autographs ... and most importantly get coached in the skills required to become a professional footballer ... from the professionals.

He's going to need those skills ... in order to get the place on the team ... in order to earn the money ... in order to keep me in the lifestyle I would like to become accustomed to!!

Here he is in action ... look for the boy in the beanie.

Please note these are NOT at ACTUAL speed ... if they were I'd be signing him up for the Olympic sprinting ... quick smart!


  1. one day beanies will be standard on the field! x

  2. That's great that professional teams do mentoring for young, aspiring players. It must be such a thrill for them.

    1. He loves it ... both my boys have done it several times and they always have a ball ... literally :0)