Tuesday 2 July 2013

A red hot fashion post ... well red anyway ...

Where did that last week go?

It seems I already find myself back at Tuesday ... which means another "fashion" post ... and another link up with the lovely Jane's Shiny T Tuesday linky party.

This week's prompt:  Red Sky at Night.

So where do I go with this one I wondered ... Red sky at night, shepherds delight, Red sky in the morning, shepherds warning ... a Little Bo Peep costume perhaps??

But alas, my wardrobe is uninspiringly bare of "almost" all dress up costumes ... does this one count?

So then I figured I'd just go red ... but I have discovered that my wardrobe is entirely lacking in anything red at all.

Now I love the colour red ... so why is it I don't have a single item of clothing in that hue?

Well the answer lies ... not in my head ... but on it.

I have red hair ... and even though Nicole Kidman and many others with auburn tresses wear red exceedingly well ...

I have just never felt it looked "right" ... on me.

So red apparel may not be an option ... but that does bring me back to my constant fashion accessory, the one I wear with absolutely everything, on fat days and thin days, going out and staying in days ... MY HAIR.

But since it is "Shiny T Tuesday" ... and therefore deserves to be something a little bit special ... I dug out these pictures taken at a seventies themed birthday party I went to last year.

They WERE taken at night ... and they most definitely show some RED!

It's amazing what extraordinary results an uncomfortable night in rollers can produce.

Even an uncanny resemblance to a famous television star ...

My doppelganger - Kath Day Knight



  1. oh your hair wins the red sky at night prompt every time! its glorious! only you could use a picture dressed as a nun for a red linky! made me lol! so utterly FABULOUS to have you playing along...i am full of smiles now xxxxx

    1. LOL ... thanks Jane ... I'm happy to be playing along :0)

  2. those curls!!...real noice! hehe I love your hair and im digging that nuns outfit too!....I have a thing for nuns...don't ask...I think its due to the excessive exposure to the sound of music growing up....anywaaaay! school hols day 2 was good. the end! xx

    1. HA ... I loved that movie too ... surprisingly I never ended up with a thing for boys in braces ;0)
      Glad day 2 was better ... hope it stays that way for the rest of the week.