Monday 1 July 2013

School Holidays Day One ...

It was the first day of the school holidays today ... and it was spent exactly as it should be spent...

  • Slept in till after 8:00am
  • Lay in bed reading and playing on the iPad till ... late ... won't mention exact time for fear of incriminating myself.
  • Ate a packet of Twisties.
  • Did absolutely NO housework.
  • Cooked french toast for lunch.

  • Read my book by the fire all afternoon.
  • Dropped Master 15 at work ... and returned as promptly as traffic regulations allow to my cosy place by the fire.
  • Ate some cake.
  • Wasted a bit of time mucking around on the computer ... writing this blog post.
  • High fived myself because there is NO dinner to be cooked ... I love it when there are leftovers!
  • Will hopefully be able to convince Hubby to do the 10:00pm Master 15 work pick up.
  • Go to bed.
What a day ... my lazy ass loves school holidays!


  1. day 1 sucked balls quite frankly....and I couldn't be more jelly arse of your day if I tried!!....French toast??...your such a show off! posting you my children! xxxx

    1. LOLOLOLOLOLOL ... send them my way I'll sort them out in no time.
      I've got a killer death stare ... turns devils into angels in an instant ;0)