Tuesday 31 December 2013

Toodle pip … 2013

You've been a pretty good year all in all … I might even miss you.


May your festivities be merry … but responsibly merry of course.
And may 2014 hold all that you hope … and a little bit more.



Sunday 29 December 2013


"A portrait of our children, once a week, every week in 2013"

Week One

Week Fifty Two

Week One

Week Fifty Two

Master 16:  Well how about that ... my boy became a man.

Master 13:  The changes are more subtle … but you matured in many ways this year.

Now look at that … it didn't take long,
To find the whole darn year had gone.
The weeks went by ... they really flew,
Can you believe … Week Fifty Two.
To mark the end of taking part,
I took my boys back to the start.
Hip hip hooray … we made it through,
And look how much those two boys grew!

Joining in for the final time with Jodi.

Tuesday 24 December 2013

Monday 23 December 2013

Christmas traditions and general xmassy goings on ...

Tis the season to gather together and eat far too much … and because I'm such a conformist that is exactly what we did this weekend.

Saturday was my family's Christmas get together … and so we congregated en masse at my eldest brother's house … and celebrated the season.

We opened a few presents.

We ate lots of food.

I forgot to take a photo of lunch … I only just remembered to take dessert.

Gorgeous Mr Charlie helped himself to a rum ball.

Gorgeous sister Juliet was her usual stunning self.

And one of the natives dropped in for a laugh at our expense.

Then on Sunday … we followed another family tradition.  

We watched "Polar Express" until it got dark … and then we went out looking at Christmas lights.

Now because I am a picky and judgemental bitch … I decided to grade them.

There was no clear winner this year … I felt all three of these efforts deserved a generous A+

Mmmm … C … a little more effort wouldn't go astray next year.

Look … I know it's the thought that counts … but maybe more thought is required … C-

HA … why bother … D-

Epic fail … F

Oops … that's my place.

DISCLAIMER:  If anyone recognises their own house in this post … then I sincerely apologise for my ignorant and unfounded opinion … I am and always will be completely wrong.

Sunday 22 December 2013


"A portrait of our children, once a week, every week in 2013"

Master 16:  His phone is permanently attached to his hand … even at a family Christmas party he can't seem to put it down.  Hello!??!  I know it's called social media … but guess what … this is called ACTUAL socialising … how about you give it a try? 

Master 13:  He scored a bonus gift … one the real recipient didn't want … and he's loving it sick.

And so now this project is almost all done,
By crikey … by jingo … it's Week Fifty One!!

Joining in for the second last time with Jodi.

Friday 20 December 2013

I'm feeling hot … hot … hot ...

It's officially Day Two of the summer holidays … and it's been a real stinker … the mercury hit 40 degrees.

So what did we do to cool down?

Well, Master 13 went to the local swimming pool with a friend.

Hubby went to the beach … solo.

Master 16 also went to the beach … with friends.  He refused to go to the same beach as Hubby.  He felt that being seen with his father in a swimming costume … his father's swimming costume, not his … may be detrimental to his social life.  Specially when Hubby threatened to wear his budgie smugglers.

For those unaware … these are budgie smugglers.

For those unaware … this is not MY Hubby in them ... *sob*.

Meanwhile I met a friend for lunch at the pub … in order to escape the heat and relax in the air conditioned comfort.     So OF COURSE their air conditioning was on the blink … and I ended up enjoying my Chicken Schnitty with a side order of sweat.

But all is not lost … I have made one breakthrough of sorts.

Now lets hope the choccies aren't melting … and I can keep the dog out of them until Christmas Day.

Tuesday 17 December 2013

All I want for Christmas ...

I have a confession to make … I have been known to humiliate my children on an annual basis.  I'm sure they would say I do so much more frequently … but there is one thing that I do every single year which humiliates them … beyond all other humiliations.

I don't make them hold my hand in public … and call me Mummy Dearest.  I don't query loudly if they need to do a number one or a number two whenever there's a toilet handy.  I don't dress them in matching outfits … oh wait … might have to scratch that one.

NO … I don't do any of those things … what I do is much, much worse.

Once a year … I take them to get a photo with Santa.

As time has progressed and this little tradition has become less of an exciting adventure … and more of a horrifying ordeal … we have had to change our modus operandi.

Now we have to travel to a shopping centre several suburbs away … and sneak inside under the cover of darkness.

"Mum … we're too old … it's embarrassing," they moan and groan.

And each year I tell them that it's all I really want for Christmas.  So how can they deny me such a simple request? What … when I cook and clean and gave birth to them and all?

So each year I ask for another Santa photo … and I fully intend to keep asking for one until I'm dead … or too old and senile to remember to ask for one.  Two balding. middle aged men and Santa … yep .. it will be a dream come true.

It's just such a fabulous way to record the passing years.

So suck it up boys … let's consider it character building.

My work here is done … see you same time next year.

Sunday 15 December 2013


"A portrait of our children, once a week, every week in 2013"

Master 16:  Tread carefully … he went to another party last night … and he's functioning (just) on less than four hours sleep.

Master 13:  He had a solid eight hours … but is still planning a lazy Sunday.

Cannot believe that the year's gone so swiftly,
Look at the title … it's week number Fifty.

Joining in with Jodi.

Friday 13 December 2013

The way the cookie crumbled this week ...

As I may have slightly suggested in my previous post … we have been rather busy this week … with barely a second to spare for anything at all … including blogging.

Progress has continued on our front garden makeover … and we are close … ever so close … to a completed job.  Just a little more edging and a big bit of planting to go.

End of Day Four

End of Day Five
But today was declared a day of rest … because we are old and decrepit and our backs and knees couldn't take it for a sixth day straight.

So how should we spend this day specially put aside for relaxation??  A day at the health spa … perhaps?  Or we could just spend it in bed … sleeping!

Alas no … for the job I have been delaying, diverting and deviating from could no longer be denied.  It was time to stop the procrastination … bite the bullet … and do the Christmas shopping.

We were at the shops bright and early … first thing this morning … and we didn't get back home until after three pm.  We spent an obscene amount of money … on crap that nobody really wants or needs.  And guess what … we're still not finished … but we are close … ever so close.

This afternoon I had grand intentions of lolling around on the lounge and doing absolutely nothing.  The very thought of lolling around on the lounge doing absolutely nothing was the only thing that kept me going throughout the drama of Xmas shopping … but alas no … again … it was not to be.

Master 13 insisted that we make deep fried oreos.

No … that's not entirely accurate … let me rephrase it … Master 13 INSISTED that we make deep fried oreos.

And since my relaxation was not particularly relaxing when accompanied by the constant hum of whinging … I gave in.

Yep … we made deep fried oreos … guaranteed to give you Type 2 Diabetes in a single serve.

But just in case that's something you've been after … here's a quick "How To Guide" … because it seems that I am now a cooking Foodie style blogger too.

You need one cup of pancake mix.

One cup of milk.

One egg.

Two teaspoons of vegetable oil.

And a packet of Oreo biscuits.

Don't ask your children to put the ingredients into the bowl … cause they will do this.

Whisk together the milk, egg and oil.

Then add the pancake mix … and whisk until it's smooth.

Heat some oil … to hot.

Then dunk those cookies into the batter and plonk them in the oil.

Until they're golden brown.

Enjoy your high fat … calorie laden … heart attack inducing treat.

Whilst ignoring greedy dogs … who should not eat chocolate.