Monday 31 December 2012

Happy New Year Everybody.......

It's sunny and hot today......just like an Australian New Years Eve should be.....yes that is a dig at you Christmas!!

I've been reading the blogs I follow...and it seems that most of those lovely Bloggers out there are doing  a "Year in Review".

So I thought about it...for a moment...but you see I only started writing about my angelic goings on in August this year....and a complete year in review would require some real thought and effort on my behalf.

So I decided it could wait till 2013.....when as long as I keep this little blog updated it should be quite easy to remember what, where, when, how and who I did throughout the year!

So stay safe everybody.......I wish each and every one of you a Happy New Year.....especially those of you that have accidentally found your way to this blog and hung around long enough to read this!

See you all next year!

Sunday 30 December 2012

How entertaining......

Hubby has a dream....not of freedom for all.....or even for world peace....he is dreaming of a 60 inch LED LCD TV.

Therein lies a small see this is our "entertainment unit"...... only just houses our dinky little 32 inch screen.

It was bought back in the day when we believed that the bigger our entertainment unit the more entertaining we were......but 60 inch screens were only found in movie theatres or the homes of the extremely screen space was not a priority.

These days low line tv units are the done thing....

....but I have an issue with these...where do you put all your stuff?  My cupboards are filled with CDs, DVDs, board games, books, photos.....more board games and stuff....lots and lots of stuff!

So I came up with a plan....around 18 months ago I replaced this buffet with a larger know to house all my stuff....since then it has been languishing away in my garage.....collecting dust....

My plan is to remove the hutch...leaving the buffet....and then painting it....this colour....

...which I admired on a wall in Ikea yesterday....and replace the handles with some nice porcelain knobs.  It's a great plan....if it works!!!!!

Of course this still leaves me with a little less I went and checked out this in the sales.....

So now I have a little project...which I will update you on when and if it succeeds!

Hubby really should be careful what he wishes could end up costing him a lot of money!!!
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Saturday 29 December 2012

Big Day Out.....

I am obviously a victim of mass consumerism...and today I did one of my favourite consuming type things.....I had a day out to Ikea!

They had a sale on...and that makes me love going there even more!

I don't know why I enjoy going to the Swedish Mecca of Furniture so much....but I do!

I love the furniture...I love the homewares....I love the mock rooms....I love the Swedish meatballs....I love the convenient parking....I love that everything has a ridiculous name....and I love their marketing ploy that does not allow you to exit the building without walking through every single section!

There's always so much to look much to such reasonable prices....they lull you into a false sense of savings...with their cheap you buy things you really don't need....just because they seem like such a bargain.

I love leaving with a big blue bag filled with things.....just a saucepan lid organiser, a plastic meat mallet, a pot plant holder,Christmas decorations, some rubber pastry brushes and of course the latest catalogue...which they suggest you borrow....but everyone knows what they really mean is to leave with it tucked under your arm.  Someone even amended the make it clearer for everybody....

They have absolutely everything at Ikea....even Swedish Festive Drinks....which I'm pretty sure everyone needs.....

....and it can all be found under one roof, handily enclosed in a flat pack with an allen key.....

What's not to love?

Friday 28 December 2012


An Ode to the Christmas Ham

The fridge is full of Christmas Ham,
There's no room there for beef or lamb.
We've kilos of the stuff to eat,
Have some for's my treat.

Now how about a ham cheese roll,
Perhaps some shredded in a bowl.
I'll slice some up...have it for brunch,
Then pack a sandwich for your lunch.

I'll add some to a'll see,
It's just the thing for morning tea.
Then later on this afternoon,
I'll feed you some from off a spoon.

Then a pizza topped with ham for dinner,
Is bound to be a sure fire winner.
I'll add some to a quiche tomorrow,
Then put some in a snack to follow.

I'll slice some's just like bacon,
have it with won't be faking.
In fritters, hash browns, omelettes...more,
Just keep on eating...there's ham galore.

Then when our blood pressure starts to zoom,
From all the salty meat consumed.
And the Doctor gasps at our fast heart rate,
We'll tell him "Doctor, just one more plate"

We cannot waste our Christmas Ham,
It cost 7 bucks per thousand grams.

By Me

Thursday 27 December 2012

Epic Fail.....

I took the kids to the shops today....a place I was desperate to avoid....but by about 4.00pm I gave into the pressure and off we went.

Every year after Christmas we have a trip to the shops to (a) return the unwanted things, (b) exchange for the correct sized things or  (c) spend the gift vouchers we chose options (b) and (c).

I had bought Master 15 a pair of shorts like these....

...he is on that cusp between boys and men's clothes.

So I bought them in the smallest men's size I could find.

Turns out he isn't quite as small as I thought he was...they were a little snug.  I suggested that we exchange them for a bigger size....and he agreed.

So the first stop today was to exchange the shorts.  I suggested that he go in and try on the next size up to make sure that they were in fact a better fit......he agreed!  I would remain outside the store with the original pair until he was sure he wanted to make the exchange....he agreed! Once he was certain...I would come in and we would take the original shorts to the counter and request the exchange....he agreed!

From my vantage point outside the shop I watched him go and find the shorts....I watched him head off to the back where the change rooms are located....I watched him disappear into said change room.  Then I waited.  The store was full of eager shoppers taking advantage of the sales...they were blocking my view and I didn't see Master 15 emerge.  I was scanning the shop waiting for him when I realised he was up at the counter talking to the sales guy.

"Wonder what he's doing" I thought to myself...then out he wandered with a new bag....with the new pair of shorts within.

Turns out Master 15's take on the word exchange left a lot to be desired....for reasons known only to him...and perhaps not even him....he had somehow bought a new pair so that I could then return the other pair for a refund!  Not only that, but he had used his Christmas Gift Voucher to buy them!

Now apparently they don't do refunds...only exchanges!  So it took me a little sweet talking...a bit of eye rolling..."You know how it is...teenage boys just don't listen"...even though the sales guy had no doubt been a teenage boy himself very recently...perhaps that is why he understood...and the money was kindly refunded.

Master 15 was so embarrassed he decided to forgo the other purchases he had been hoping to make and made a quick getaway instead!

Wednesday 26 December 2012

Boxing Day Delights.....

As if we haven't already eaten WAY too much....we decided to have our own little Christmas lunch on Boxing Day.

We had a ham to use....and I'm never one to pass up the opportunity for a glazed, baked one.

Boxing Day is otherwise traditionally a day for lazing around, patting our bloated bellies and reminiscing on the year that was....if you're very lucky you might also get a foot massage....

Christmas Day Hangover

Well Christmas Day has come and gone,
It never seems to stay for long.
We build it up with anticipation,
And expect the day to be pure elation.
So we cook and clean and spend our money,
If we weren't all broke it'd be quite funny.
We share our gifts and ooh and aah,
We eat and drink too much by far.
Full of pudding, turkey, ham and beer,
We smile and say "It's only once a year".
But the extra kilos and jiggly thighs,
Are sure to stay for quite a while!

By Me

Tuesday 25 December 2012

And so this is Christmas......

As planned Santa did not come to our house last night!

We did however give into Master 12's pleading and leave out one present which he could open first thing in the soon as he woke up......without waiting for the rest of us to get up.

This seemed to satisfy him....and by the time I got up it.....a joystick for his laptop.....was being put to good use!

Master 15 had made a most unusual present request....he wanted a horses head!

I aim to that is precisely what he got......

....he took it out for a canter......

...and throughout the day it just kept turning up in the most unexpected places......

I hope everyone had a galloping good time today :)

Monday 24 December 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas......

All signs point to the fact that it really is Christmas!!

Last night we went for a drive to check out the local Christmas lights.

We didn't see anything quite like this.....

.....but Buster certainly seemed to enjoy them.....

Tonight, we had friends over for a few beverages to celebrate the season.

It all started out civilised enough......

Then one guest got a little messy.....

Before it really got out of hand.....


Sunday 23 December 2012

Slaving on Sunday.......

Yesterday we spent a very enjoyable afternoon at my Brother's house for early Christmas.

Today there was no more time for slacking off....we had much to do!

Firstly we went to the supermarket and spent $499.68 on groceries....yes people....$499.68 on groceries....and we are not even having Christmas at our place.  As if that wasn't enough we then spent $173.00 on alcohol! If my kids say there's nothing to eat....even once......I'm going to flip my lid!

We decided to buy half a leg of ham...not because we really needed it......but because it's just not Christmas if you're not eating ham until half way through January!

Then we decided we couldn't put off cleaning up the backyard for one more day!  Hubby gave me the job of pulling out the weeds that love to grow between the pavers....

.....we have a LOT of pavers.....

This was me....very unimpressed......about a third of the way through the job....cursing Hubby....

....did I mention it was HOT today!

We did the lawns, we removed all the cobwebs....though of course they will be back tomorrow, we cut back the overgrown plants.......

Hubby even vacuumed, we washed the outdoor furniture, we did the weeding......and finally we finished....

We saw a pod of pelicans....that's what they're called.....really.....

Then we finally sat down....

Tomorrow it's all about the inside......I can hardly wait!!!!

An oldie....but a goodie.....

I found this one on the iPad and just had to share.....

Makes me laugh every time!!

Friday 21 December 2012

Watch out Martha and Nigella......

My extended family is gathering for our Christmas Celebrations tomorrow afternoon.....this year we are having an untraditional afternoon tea.

There was a bit of a false start when I thought I wouldn't be able to attend...see here....but due to Master 15 managing to secure a shift change we are now able to go....albeit a little late.

Of course that means I have to come up with a "plate".....and as afternoon tea isn't the usual Christmas scenario....I can't very well take half a pig!

I racked my brains....and finally decided on Hummingbird Cake...any cake with pineapple in it must be summery.....right?? Then to add a touch of Christmas...I decided on an old favourite in this household...Gingerbread Men!

I have a recipe that I have used many, many times......'s foolproof.....just shove in the ingredients.....

.....mix them up....roll them out.....

....cut them out.....

....put them on the tray and into the oven.....

....wait around 12 minutes and then take them out, when they are all golden brown and smelling delicious......

Once I had finished....and washed everything up....and finally sat down with a nice cold Pepsi Max....thats when I realised that I used the wrong flour!!!

Did I say foolproof?

Nigella I ain't!