Friday 1 January 2016

A picture's worth 1000 words ... week 52 and a half ...

A photo a day ... every day ... in 2015.

Day 354:  The hills are alive!  I do love me a bit of do-re-mi.

Day 355:  A bit more Xmas bling.

Day 356:  Cue the cosy Christmas ambiance.

Day 357:  Puppy dog eyes.

Day 358:  Sending Christmas wishes from my beautiful family to yours :0)

Day 359:  Christmas ham ... check.

Day 360:  Can't do the final post of the year without at least one shot from the garden.

Day 361:  This one LOVES a chocolate milkshake.

Day 362:  Caption this!

Day 363:  It's been a big year for this one.

Day 364:  Still eating the Christmas chocolates.

Day 365:  Mandatory NYE Party selfie.  USA themed in case you were wondering.