Friday 12 July 2013

Lunch date ...

An amazing and never before seen event occurred today ... a moment that will go down in history.

Master 15 asked what I was doing for lunch today ... and then he invited me out ... HIS shout.

I hadn't a clue who this suddenly kind and generous soul was ... but I intended to enjoy him while he lasted.

The menu was perused ... and choices were made.

The conversation was scintillating.

Master 13 enjoyed his ideal "lunch" ... chocolate mud cake with chocolate milkshake chaser.

Master 15 had the Cajun chicken strips ... any fowl covered in crumbs is OK by him.

I had the wedges with sweet chilli sauce and sour cream ... any deep fried carb is OK by me.

Then the reality of his generous offer set in ... Master 15 does not enjoy parting with his cash.

Just do it quick ... like ripping off a bandaid ... it hurts less that way.

I did treat him to a Slurpee on the way home to help numb his pain.

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