Wednesday 10 July 2013

I can't hear you ...

When you have children (and a husband) you find yourself dealing with an awful lot of selective deafness.

In recent times this dreadful affliction seems to be worsening.

"Tidy your room" ... "Take out the rubbish" ... "Pick up your stinky socks" ... and all other similar requests go unacknowledged and unactioned.

So in my frustration I embark on a mission to find out why it is so acceptable to ignore the requests of their mother ... and I am always greeted with a familiar refrain.

"Huh?  What?  I never heard you!  I have my headphones on ... they have total noise reduction".

Well I figure if you can't beat them ... join them.

"Mum ... can you wash my jeans?"

"Mum ... can you drive me to the shops/my mates/the movies/anywhere?"

"Mum ... can we have schnitzel for dinner?"

Huh? .... What?