Saturday 27 July 2013

The Beanie....

It seems there is a fashion trend,
That's sure to send me round the bend.
Cause all the boys within my home,
Desire to look like a garden gnome.

It all began with my eldest son,
Who plonked it on just for the fun.
But he clearly liked his new found groove,
And the beanie couldn't be removed.

I knew right then where this would go,
When it comes to brothers I'm in the know.
For whenever he sees something on his brother,
The younger must have it and asks his mother.

So the younger son was heard to plead,
That a beanie was just the thing he needs.
And though I felt a strong reticence,
There were now two gnomes in residence.

Then my eldest growled with deep displeasure,
That his brother had copied him altogether.
And then in a move that was certain to rile,
His father then jacked his fashion style.

And now I am living in constant fear,
That I'll catch the bug of this headgear.
For I may be accused of being a meanie,
But I just don't like the slouchy beanie!

By Me


  1. you=genius (fabulously insightful mom)

    absolutely adore this post! xo

    1. Thanks Rebecca glad you liked it.
      You really must think we live in a madhouse :0)

  2. Who is that super cool dude that you're married to??

  3. You made me laugh
    But I most protest.
    I really hope
    You write in jest.

    I love my hats
    And beanies too.
    The next to embrace this trend?

    1. That is FABULOUS have me almost convinced :0)