Thursday 28 February 2013

Just a typical morning.....

The morning began in the usual fashion......when the dog jumped on the bed and poked me in the head with his paw.

I had places to be this morning.....well one appointment at the hairdresser...which I had been very much looking forward to.  I was beginning to have more than a passing resemblance to Cousin It

and it was high time to remedy the situation.

I farewelled the kids at 8.00am, and decided I had a few minutes to spare before getting myself ready for my appointment at 9.00am.

That's when I made the monumental error of sitting down on the lounge with the iPad.  Somewhere there is a black hole that times falls into whenever I pick up the iPad and press the Angry Birds icon.

Suffice to say it was a little bit of a shock when next I glanced at the clock to find the big hand pointing to the 5, the little hand half way between the 8 and the still in my pyjamas and the hairdresser a 20 minute drive away.

I was a blur I tell you...a panicking, cursing blur!

I still managed to find the time to change my outfit three times and do my hair....because like cleaning up for the cleaner (not that I have one) have to do your hair before seeing the hairdresser.  The last minute drama of realising you've left your phone inside (which you are bound to need just because you don't have it).....after you've locked up and started the car.....a final last ditch escape attempt by the dog who has picked up on your crazy rushing around and has decided to join in the fun...and I was off.

I prayed for no traffic, no red lights, no police and no learner drivers.....and as I pulled up outside the hairdresser I finally took a breath and a quick second to snap this shot.....