Wednesday 6 February 2013

The itch and it's consequences.....

Something alarming happened last night.

I was sitting at the computer....and I got an itch.

It was located on my inner upper arm.

It wasn't a bad itch...just a small one...but it needed attention of the scratching variety.

So without thought I did...scratch it that is!

That's when the alarming thing arm started to move of it's own volition.

Not the whole arm....just that inner!

Reminded me of this

I was say the least....but it was a big wake up call.

I was forced to face the more living in denial.....I was the not so proud owner of two of these....

Please note this is not my actual tuck shop arm
The time for action is upon me....and because I'm not quite prepared to do this....

....though I do have a weakness for the quick fix....this morning I went for a walk....a proper walk....requiring speed....and what's more I survived!


  1. at least it was only your arm!!...the kids got a trampoline for Christmas....jumping on that does not do much for your self esteem I can tell you!....and in the shower my darling daughter tells me I have boobs just like nanny!...who is nearly 70!....I may just join you for that walk!
    Allison x

    1. LOL....tact is a talent that takes a while to develop!
      As for trampolines...they don't do anyone any favours in any way at any time :o)