Saturday 23 February 2013

It's raining again...but life must go on.....

Wow...what a's...wet...wet...wet!!!

The side path has a never before seen water feature and the backyard has a brand new swimming pool and neither of them cost us a cent.

Hubby's final day of cricket was cancelled due to the inclement weather....what a shame....snigger snigger.

So we did what everyone does on a day where roads are being closed and you can barely see your hand in front of your face for the pouring rain...we drove to Sydney.

It's so rare for us to have a Saturday with absolutely nothing planned or scheduled that despite the weather we took the opportunity to nick down the freeway and check out a few antique/collectible/old wares/someone else's junk shops....I love a good junk shop.

If anyone has been watching the latest season of The Block, they will have seen a couple of such shops featured recently.  I felt it was entirely necessary that these shops be checked a public service.

So firstly, we have Doug up on Bourke, what a treasure trove.  Old signs, old boxes, furniture, bottles, light shades, curios...all kinds of name it I'm betting they have it....somewhere.

It's the kind of place where you..well me anyway....could spend hours...and hours....I wouldn't recommend taking the kids...unless they're very patient kids.

We also checked out The Country Trader,  this one is an entirely different kettle of fish.  Very "up market"....a woman...whom I am assuming was the owner was wandering around constantly with a sour expression on her face....not asking to help....just watching.  Guess she wanted to make sure we didn't take off with the got the feeling there may well have been a dress code to get in the door.

Lots of beautiful things to be found here....but do not....I repeat do not expect to find a bargain.  There was an unusual butt ugly....wall unit...which I forgot to get a picture of....priced at $60,000.  This sweet little table.....

....a steal at over $3000.

But I like a challenge, so I went to work trying to seek out something I might actually be able to afford.  I saw this piece of fabric...which I thought would make a lovely table runner....

....$185.00....mmm....perhaps not.

How about a second hand bread board....that's got to be cheap right?  Wrong....$95.00 for that one.

This little still life caught my eye....being so pretty and all.... much do you think?  It's not a Monet or a Manet or a Picasso....or anyone else I've ever heard of.....

Time to go home I think!!

But that little picture got me thinking....last night I finished off another project from my New Year's Non-Resolution List......'s got to be worth 3 grand....doesn't it????......taking bids......anytime now......hello????


  1. only you would go driving in that weather!!!...the country trader sounds more like the country tosser!....oh honey your pic is so lovely its worth at least 3 baked dinners (they are my specialty after all!) really your painting is beautiful!....hope you get your moneys worth out of the new pool!! xx

    1. Thanks Allison...I'm working on another painting to make a matching pair....that'll push the price up to at least 5 baked dinners :0)