Thursday 7 February 2013

A common courtesy....

What is the world coming to?

Where are the manners people?

There are a lot of folk out there that could do with a little help from this woman....

June Dally-Watkins...Queen of all things etiquette.

I was brought up to mind my manners....and I hope that I have instilled that same sense of courtesy in my boys.  I am often complimented on the polite way they speak and their good I think we are doing okay.

I would like to believe that even in this day and age, courtesy still survives and that "most" people are generally well mannered.  But if you watch a bit of TV, go for a drive or surf the net a little...doubts will form...grave, grave doubts.

Here are just a few places where I am astounded by the disgraceful way people behave;
  • The Internet....haters who hide behind anonymous profiles.
  • Public transport....hey, offer up your seat to the elderly, pregnant women, those with small children...and anyone else who looks like they need it more than you do.
  • People who phone into call centres....officially the worst job I ever had...just because you can't see the person doesn't mean you can or should abuse them...they are usually trying to help.  On the other hand...if they don't try and help and they tell you porkie pies to get you off the line...they deserve a "polite" reprimand.
  • People that phone you or come to your door trying to sell something.....I said "no thank you" is not my fault that you are being paid on commission only.  Electricity providers are the worst culprits here.
  • People being exposed on current affair programmes...especially bad tenants and dodgy builders......where do they find these people?
  • Teenagers in all manner of this is a generalisation I know....there are many, many lovely teenagers....but a few bad eggs tarnish the age group.....bullying, disrespect and graffiti being my particular pet hates.
  • And last...but most certainly not least....road users. Tailgaters....I can't stand, so rude.  And If someone lets you in...give them a wave...if someone cuts you off or pisses you not kill them.  
Of course you could go to the extreme that Hubby does...though I definitely don't recommend it.  

If someone lets him a turning or merging type situation....he gives them a he should.  However if they don't acknowledge or return his thank you wave....he gets aggravated and annoyed.  If the situation is reversed and he lets the motorist in...he expects the we all do....he returns the wave....and then gets cheesed off if they don't acknowledge the return wave....and so on and on and on.

He is clearly psychotic!!

So what do you say....can we all just try to play nice?


  1. Oh my lord! Yes! Just about nodded my head off to all of your statements. Just yesterday, someone sent me a query about an item I'm selling on ebay, no please, no thank you and oh boy, did I have a rant about it!
    Great post :)
    Cas x

    1. Thanks Cas....I love a good rant every now and then :0)