Tuesday 19 February 2013

Master 15's terrible injury.....

Master 15 tweaked his knee on the weekend.  He was going through drills for soccer grading and jarred it a little bit.

Let's get something straight.....there is no sign of swelling and not a hint of a bruise....but I have been his personal fetch and carry lackey ever since.

He has been lying around on the lounge with his knee elevated....demanding that I rub liniment on it....but only after collecting him a coke, in a glass, half full of ice...with a tasty snack to go with it....and by the way...while I'm at...can I whip up veal schnitzel for dinner and he'd like it with chips...thanks!

To be reapplied every 30 minutes
Master 15 is quite simply a drama queen...and can not be trusted to tell you the truth....the ACTUAL reality and not the truth as HE sees it....when it comes to illnesses or injuries.  He is most definitely the boy that cried wolf....and one of these days it's going to come back and bite him on the bum...big time.

Yesterday he hinted at needing the day off school....I gave that one short shrift.  So then he made do with a lift to and from.  While at home the poor boy lies around moaning and groaning....unable to move....but then runs up the hallway with the grace of a gazelle if his phone pings or if nature calls.

Master 15 looks to me for sympathy....and lots of it....which I usually run short of after the first half hour.  He manages to get a little more from Hubby...who is also constantly complaining about aches and pains....yep it's still cricket season.....and who also gets very little joy from me.  They can wallow in their joint misery together.  I like to point out that I will give them every sympathy in the world once they endure 34 hours labour, a third degree tear and corrective surgery 6 months later to repair the damage!!!

So Master 15 obviously decided this injury was really quite dire....and hot footed it over to the neighbours house (literally)....to get these.....

Knee much too sore to be able to close drawers

......which he hobbled around on....until this morning....when he forgot!

I checked in on him to make sure he was okay.....not in too much pain....able to go to school.....and found this......

Yoga anyone?

....remarkably flexible for a knee that could well be broken and most definitely has serious deep tissue damage isn't it!!!!


  1. Haha! Now my eldest boy was seriously accident prone Lots of nasty injuries. I admit to checking a few times and finding little wrong on some of those times, so I let him alone. However, after hearing him moan for a couple of hours, we checked the sore arm to find the knob on elbow had been snapped right off. He sort of grew out of the clumsiness till a couple of years ago when he fell down concrete fire stairs at work and destroyed an ankle. Not the damaged one from earlier, the other side. Several major reconstructions later and he recovered a bit of mobility to find that vertebrae in lower back had been badly damaged and had imprisoned a nerve under several vertebrae. More major surgery and he'll never be truly right again despite the huge effort he's put into rehab.

    1. Oh dear...sounds like he has been in the wars. Luckily Master 15's injuries are usually in his imagination :)

  2. frankies walking around today mimicking my dreadful bark of a cough....the cure is tickling the feet...who knew?
    I think your angel might have got wind that chicks dig a sports injury! (just not mother chick) x

    1. I think you may be right....nothing more impressive to a girl than plaster, crutches and a hideous scar :0)