Wednesday 20 February 2013

A retraction and a teeny tiny bit of progress......

First things first....a little blog housekeeping.

I was ordered by Master 15 to issue an immediate retraction after he read yesterday's post.

He was horrified by the untruth held within and wants the record set straight.

He did not jar his knee....he hyperextended it.......phew.....glad we got that sorted out!

As we edge closer and closer to March the lack of progress in my New Years Non-Resolutions has been playing on my mind.  So yesterday, I gave myself a motivational my rear end up and off the lounge and plonked it into the sewing chair instead.

I repeated to myself over and over like a mantra...."I will achieve something today"....and I started work on the quilt that has been sitting on my sewing table for THREE years now.

I spent a whole day working on it....minus shower time, minus school drop off time, minus clean the kitchen time,  minus morning tea time, minus bathroom cleaning time, minus empty the dishwasher time, minus hanging out laundry time, minus lunchtime, minus sweep the floor time,  minus school pick up time, minus wash the dog because he has been rolling himself in something offensive time, minus encourage Master 12 to do homework time, minus bring the laundry back in time and minus watching Hot Seat because the ad suggested someone won big money even though they didn't time!!!

So having spent the whole day working on it....I finished up with......

 .....SEVEN this rate I'll be lucky to finish ever!!!

Still those seven blocks are seven blocks that I won't have to do another day.....and in my book that's progress!!!!


  1. Yay!!! But don't do too much or you'll have nothing to do at Stitch n Bitch!

    1. I'm sure I can come up with something...I can tell you one thing it won't be black and it won't be white!!