Monday 18 February 2013

Homeworld....what you probably don't need to know.....

We had a few chores to do yesterday....which required a quick trip to Sydney.

We were driving along minding our own business...when I spied a sign advertising Homeworld.

Now because I am a gatherer of ideas, lover of homes and busy body extraordinaire...I demanded that we stop.

There were homes this way....

that way....

and over there..... and waiting for us to wander through and then pick to pieces.

These homes are brand new.....some were still being I figure that they are thoroughly up to date with the latest must have trends.

So in case you wanted to know.....the "in" things appear to be;

  • Larders in the kitchen...a separate little room for storing appliances, crockery...whatever. 
  • Indoor/outdoor rooms that flow smoothly from the family room to the outside and are set up fully as a room with ceiling fans, mini kitchens and fully integrated bbqs.
  • Little rooms to house wine...which are temperature controlled with fancy wine fridges.
  • Suspended staircases.
  • Massive showers with massive shower heads and either no door or a clear glass door on the ensuite toilet...ah no thanks.
I did see a couple of things I'd like to get for my place.....

....this pergola type construction for over my outdoor would allow me to hang little lanterns and perhaps grow a pretty vine....which of course no spiders will live in....ever.  Given that they had the same outdoor chairs that I have....I think it's a sign.....that Hubby should get me one of these quick smart!!!

Speaking of signs....another thing I decided everyone, everywhere should have is one of these.....

.....I wonder how that's working out for them!

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