Saturday 2 February 2013

Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh......

Hubby drove Master 15 down to a Youth Leadership Camp in Sydney last night.  He was invited to attend by his school....I wrote all about it here.

Master 15 was not what you would call enthusiastic at the prospect of the weekend away.

I tried to get him to see the bright side...he would get to spend all weekend with his mate....and he wouldn't have to go to work. It was only for the weekend...getting there Friday night, leaving Sunday's only 1 day really.   I don't think it was successful....his glass was most definitely half empty.

You have to understand...Master 15 likes his creature comforts...he'll only sleep under the stars when there's 5 of them.

His idea of roughing it is a TV without Foxtel, no wi-fi and using home brand toilet paper.

So when the camp rules included no mobile phones or electronic devices....when at least one is usually permanently attached to Master 15's person......

...and Hubby's description of the facilities as basic at best....

......and rain forecast for the entire weekend....

.....I knew things could get ugly.

I sure hope there's some pretty girls there to sweeten the deal!

This golden oldie seems particularly apt in the circumstances.....

Stay tuned for the riveting conclusion.

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