Saturday 16 February 2013

Today in my backyard......

I can often be found hauling out the camera on a Saturday.  This is largely due to the fact that I need a couple of shots of the boys for my 52 Portrait Project on Sunday.  I am the recently myself....."World Champion of Procrastination" I always endeavour to leave it to the last day.

So today, in order to take full advantage of the effort I put in to reaching down, picking up the camera bag, unzipping it, taking out the camera and turning it on....I have decided to take a few random shots in the backyard.

My garden is in massive and long overdue need of a complete and utter overhaul.  So don't be tricked into thinking the flowers I have captured are a small example of my floral display....they are my only floral display!!

Crap that can be found at the back door
Titanic Beware...I do believe it's an iceberg

Looks like a Colorbond Ad...but I just like the lines of the roof 

My dovecote...which to my knowledge has never, ever housed a dove

The view from the backyard...looks like rain

Blue of the few flowers I don't manage to kill

Dandelion....a favourite of kids everywhere...but actually a weed

I love lavender...this one never stops flowering

That way to the's a 15 minute drive away...but it is in that direction

Buster leads me up the garden path

Geranium for the "hot" side of the house

Pink flowering vine....mental block on the, someone?

Feather caught in a spider dinner for you


  1. Diplodena but there is another name for it as well. I have one on my balcony here. Almost always has flowers on it.

  2. Just looked it up. Other name is mandevilla.

    1. Thanks for your help Jan...don't you just hate it when you just can't think of something.
      Now that I can google the proper name....I find they are also known as Brazilian Jasmine.