Tuesday 26 February 2013

I heart my new coffee table......

I got myself a new coffee table the other day....HOORAY!

A change is as good as a holiday.....so they say.....whoever "they" are.....and in lieu of a holiday I got a brand new table.  I brought it home, plonked it in the family room...and stood back to admire it.  Mmmm....nice but it needs a little something....a little extra bit of love.....

 So I got digging into the deep, dark bowels of my fabric scrap box....and came up with this little bit...a bit too little if the truth be known, but beggars can't be choosers...

Then I found an old bit of ribbon and some pink thread...and off I went.....

The end result was this master creation extraordinaire.....with a hint of romance thrown in......

Doesn't that look better?

P.S.  Please excuse the dog towel hanging off the door handle....we've had a LOT of rain and muddy paw prints are not a part of my home decorating vision.

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  1. You are clever! I love the little hearts, and the table is great too xx

    1. Thanks Ruby...I can't resist a little bit of pretty :)

  2. Great coffee table. Always handy to have draws to hide things away. Still drooling over the apple green dresser in the background too. Visiting from Scandi. x