Tuesday 11 September 2012

The Trials and Tribulations of Tuesday......

I was woken this morning...not by a gentle birdsong by my window....but by a full on brawl between brothers.

As far as I can gather it was over a tissue.....who should get it.....the person that needs it or the person that's 30cms closer to the box.

The morning deteriorated further by the time I made it out to the kitchen.  There I discovered that Buster has taken advantage of the boys' preoccupation with other "issues" to create a little havoc.....

When my dear Mum passed away almost two years ago, all that Master 15 requested from her effects was a red, heart shaped stress ball that she had.

  This is all that remained by the time Buster had relieved his own stress.

On a brighter note....now that both kids have finally returned to school...my Tuesday has returned to normal programming.  For me this means the 3 c's with Mrs C.  Coffee, cake and conversation....except we cross out the coffee and insert coke....as neither of us can stand coffee....nasty stuff!

We spend this time singing the praises of our respective lives!!!!

We share the delight we find in our children's perfect behaviour and in our spouses' faultless husbandry!!!!

Sometimes we solve the problems of the world and we wonder when the powers that be are going to wise up and put us in charge!!!!

Finally, word must have got out on the local cat telegraph that it is  highly amusing pastime to torment that dog up the road.  Our place seems to be quite the "go to" destination for the feline community.

We have now had up to 3 cats sitting in the front garden watching Buster go berserk (he's doing it right now as I type).

A word of advice Buster, bullies don't get any satisfaction if you don't react....

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