Saturday 8 September 2012

It's Footy Fever.....pass the panadol.....

Well it's September and that can only mean one thing......Football Finals!

Normal weekend family life is alternative invitations may be issued or accepted.

Then of course, if your team is doing well all kinds of plans have to be made....just in case they make it it to the Grand Final.

Budgets, bank balances and common sense go out the window.  Driving to Melbourne and back in a day becomes a reasonable scenario (never mind that it's 10 hours each way).

When the game is on, the tv must be stared at with hypnotic intensity, no conversation is allowed....but screaming at people that can't hear you is acceptable.....encouraged even.

The mood in the house for the remainder of the day/weekend/week is entirely dependant on the result.

Roll on October......

Go Swans........Cheer Cheer the Red and the White!!!!



  1. Somebody's gonna have to speak to Buster about this - he's obviously not obeying the house rules - he's pointing in the wrong direction!!!

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