Monday 17 September 2012

Laundry ad nauseum.....

 I will often complain to whomever will listen (usually nobody does), just how much I hate washing day.

But I gave this matter some quiet contemplation (as I sat on the couch trying to avoid the task at hand).....and I experienced an's not washing day I's the day after washing day that really irks me.

That's when you are faced with a mountain of jocks, socks and other clobber......

 .....which all needs fluffing and folding.......and an overflowing laundry basket spewing it's horribly crinkled contents at you......

The finished result does lead me to question a few mysteries in life.......

Why is my pile of laundry always sooooo much smaller than everyone elses???

I have a theory that involves the distinct possibility that everyone else is too lazy to put anything away and finds it much easier to chuck things into the dirty clothes basket than into their cupboard.

I have proof of this conjecture.....there was an occasion, back in 2011....which involved someone that will remain nameless (Master 12).  I had spent the entire day washing, folding, ironing and I left a neat pile of freshly laundered clothes on his bed and asked him to put them away.  Where do you suppose he put them way to???  The dirty clothes basket!!!  Suffice to say, I am much more specific in my request now.

The second mystery also involves Master 12.  How is it that his entire weeks laundry contains just one sock......

.....where's the other one.....and what has he been wearing for the last 6 days????

The answer could lie in a secret stash of socks squirrelled away somewhere safe for unknown purposes...or it could mean he's been hopping around on one leg, wearing the same sock for a whole week.  I suspect the answer lies somewhere between the two.  Hygiene....what's that?  Obviously it's a dirty word.....but dirt don't bother him!!!

Before this tedious day is over, I have to iron about a million shirts for Hubby (worst

Just one more mystery to solve...... can any ONE person possibly need this many blue shirts??

Just wondering!!!!!

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