Saturday 22 September 2012

So it went like this.....

We were off to the AFL Preliminary Final between Sydney Swans and Collingwood Magpies.

We left home around 4.00pm.

Travelled down the freeway to Sydney Olympic Park........

......and made our way to ANZ Stadium

Had dinner....

........managed to run into several people we knew even though the crowd was just shy of 60,000.....and took our seats.

Game started at 7.50pm.....

1/4 Time Score;
  • Swans 5-5-35
  • Collingwood 2-3-15

1/2 Time Score;
  • Swans 7-9-51
  • Collingwood 3-6-24

3/4 Time Score;
  • Swans 9-14-68
  • Collingwood 5-8-38

Full Time Score
  • Swans 13-18-96
  • Collingwood 10-10-70

Swans win.....Collingwood lose......hoodoo broken.....HOORAY!!

Then we had to drive all the way home.....but first we had to get out of the car park!!

Sydney are into the 2012 AFL Grand Final next weekend.

If they win they get to call themselves Premiers, they get to hold up a big cup and everyone turns a blind eye while they get smashed and remain that way for the next 5 days.

Personally, I feel a little conflicted about this win.

It now means more tickets must be bought and I get another big charge on my credit card.  It means driving all the way to Melbourne for a day and then all the way back...a round trip of 1940kms.....or alternatively we could fly down and then I incur a second big charge on my credit card.  It means finding somewhere for  Buster to stay for the weekend...which will likely involve a third big charge on my credit card.  It means finding accommodation, which in turn will mean a fourth big charge on my credit card.

Maybe I shouldn't have done so much shopping this week....

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