Friday 21 September 2012

The battle of the birds......

Hubby has taken the day off work today.

I believe it may be to give him the opportunity to take some quiet time and mentally prepare himself for the evening ahead.

Tonight the Sydney Swans go up against the Collingwood Magpies in the AFL (Australian Football League...affectionately know as Aussie Rules) Preliminary Final.

The winner of this match goes through to the Grand Final.......the loser goes home.

Winning tonight does not promise to be an easy task.

It seems Sydney has some kind of hoodoo when it comes to Collingwood.  To put it simply we just can't beat them....we can beat teams that can beat them.....but WE can't beat them.  In fact, the last time Sydney recorded a win against Collingwood was back in 2005, it's been an 11 games losing streak since then.

There isn't a team in the AFL that you want to beat more than Collingwood.

EVERYBODY hates Collingwood....except Collingwood supporters.

Now Collingwood supporters...what can I tell you about them....I don't want to appear biased so instead of using my words I will quote the Urban Dictionary.......

Collingwood Supporter46 up14 down
An illiterate bogan who has little or no general knowledge on any topic to that isn't to do with Australian Rules Football. They are incappable of dealing with a loss of a game, and claim it is always the umpire's fault even though they kissed dale thomas' ass the whole way through the game.

Typical ways to pass the time including getting dressed up into your favourite flannie and ugg boots, combing the mullet and going down to "norflanz" to have a drink with fellow supporters near the bus stops.

While at the game, it is tradition for a supporter to have at least 12 VBsbefore half time. It is also important to try and pick a fight with anybody supporting an apposing team.
Normal Person " Hey what footy team do you go for?"
Collingwood Supporter " I goes fa collingwood the best f'in team in thaa AFL, if ya doesnt like them i'll kick ya arrrrsee in!"

......and they look like this......

and this......

and this

Now in an attempt to be fair, and portray a well rounded, accurate picture of the Collingwood supporter I thought I would also add some photos of  well mannered, well behaved fans of good quality.....but I couldn't find any.....

So come on it for all your latte sipping, eastern suburb yuppie supporters....and a few ring ins from the central coast......SMASH THOSE MAGPIES!!!!!

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