Wednesday 5 September 2012

Random thoughts I had today......

Our dog is so dumb he will eat snotty tissues, plastic washing baskets, any form of stuffing (preferably the synthetic variety), rocks, his own poop, anyones puke.....but he will not eat dog food!!

And speaking of I the only person left on this planet with a dumb phone??

I want a smart phone!  Hubby has a smart phone....Master 15 has a smart phone....everyone I know has a smart phone....everyone I don't know has a smart phone.

"But you don't need one, you don't make any calls, it costs too much money" says Hubby

But I DO need it.....I need to "check-in" on Facebook everywhere I go......I need to take pictures of myself in mirrors everywhere I go.....I need to get a jewell encrusted case to put it in (preferably hot pink)....

Like this one :)

....and I need to be able to update my status every time Hubby annoys me by saying I don't need something!!!!!

Oh and by the way, I think it's high time that Master 15 went back to school.  If he is well enough to tape this to the inside of the toilet lid.......then he is well enough to be at school.....

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