Sunday 9 September 2012

Snag Sandwiches on Sunday.....

One of the ultimate, yet simple joys in life is a really good sausage sandwich.

For me, it has to be fresh white bread, fried onion, bbq sauce and a really good sausage, well cooked, but not burnt.

Each weekend all over Australia, Bunnings Warehouse Hardware Stores hold sausage sizzles.  These make Bunnings quite the popular destination on weekends.  

You can pick up all the bits and pieces for your weekend projects and feed your face at the same time.

What makes these snag sandwiches extra special, is that the proceeds go to a local charity, sporting club etc.  Everyone knows if you need a good fundraiser have a sausage sizzle at Bunnings.

Our family is particularly fond of the weekend Bunnings BBQ and can often be found following our noses there on the weekend.  We don't actually have to need any hardware products...we go there due to our great appreciation of a good snag, and because we're cheap....we have short arms and long pockets.

I write this post to express my grave disappointment in this weekends banger offering.

The emphasis had definitely been put on profit over quality this weekend.

The bread was old, we're not talking day old, we're talking old old and the sausages were a dubious meat medley stuffed into the fingers of old rubber gloves. was enough to turn your stomach!

I won't be back........till at least next weekend.

Shame on you St John's Ambulance...Shame!!!!

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