Friday 14 September 2012

Sit on that....

You could say I sat yesterday out......I certainly spent the vast majority of the day firmly and squarely on my bum.

It was an early start...the alarm set for 5.45am...though I did one of those inexplicable power of the mind things....where I woke up at exactly 5.45 just seconds before the alarm went off (how does the brain do that??)

I was at the side of the freeway by 7.00am hitching a ride.  This could have been a really interesting story if I was hitching with a stranger, but the truth is I was picked up by my eldest brother Mr P.

Then the real arse sitting began....six hours up the road to Dorrigo.

We arrived there in time to eat lunch and then get to Uncle Tom's funeral at 2.00.

Auntie Nell looked very well, all things considered, she is after all just a month shy of one hundred and a half, and has just lost her husband of around 76 years.  She used a wheelchair for the day but was most concerned that this made her look like an her age I think she's earned a free ride.

More sitting through the service, sitting in the car for the quick trip to the cemetery back to the church hall for the wake and then back into the car by 4.00pm.

Then another 6 hours sitting in the car, arriving back home by 10.00pm.

Today I have a bad case of numb bum....and if I wasn't so lazy I'd go for a walk....maybe I'll just sit on the lounge instead!!!

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