Monday 24 September 2012

The right hand don't know what the left hand is doing....

There is something about dealing with telecommunication companies that really does my head in....they appear to be totally inept....but there's no use changing providers because they are all just as bad as each other!!

I made the monumental (with the benefit of hindsight) error, of pre-ordering one of the new iPhones through my mobile phone carrier.

It's been nothing but madness and mayhem ever since... you can read about it here.

On Saturday the 22nd of September they sent me a text message to say my phone would be delivered on Monday the 24th.  They graciously provided me with a link to track my order.

When you enter your order number in the link, it tells you to wait for a text message advising you when your phone will be delivered (the same one that provided the link in the first place)...and round and round it goes!!!

So all day Monday I stay home and wait and wait....even though Hubby is panicking because the Grand Final Tickets he has ordered using my credit card can only be picked up by the card holder (and he can't settle until he has those tickets in his hot little hands)....and wait!!

When there is still nothing delivered by 4.30pm, I phone Optus....and wait and wait on hold for over 30 minutes.

Finally, they answer and tell me that my phone will not be delivered until Wednesday or Thursday because I live in a regional area!!

Does beg the question as to why they sent the text to say it would be delivered Monday....I haven't moved house in the last two days.

So my pre-ordered phone will not arrive until almost a week after I could have gone into any shop and bought it!!

I ask the Optus girl if there is any way I can track this order myself...hoping to avoid 2 days of waiting around at home later in the she sent me a link!

The same link that refers me to the text message that says it will be here on MONDAY!!!

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