Thursday 6 September 2012

Noses and Know It Alls.......

The day started out promising enough.  Despite their protests, both boys went back to school today.

Master 12 had obviously decided he was going to ease back into school gradually.  He was back home by 10.15 with a nosebleed and utterly delighted by this turn of events.

In an effort to ensure that I got the message of the precarious state of his nose health, he pointedly carried a box of tissues with him everywhere and reminded me constantly that another attack was certain to occur (hint hint - don't send me to school tomorrow) was imminent....any second now....did I know that people can die of nose bleeds if they lose all their blood....etc etc.

Master 12 takes preventative precautions due to imminent death by nose gusher

Master 15 came home with interesting news.  He's going out for dinner tomorrow night....not such big news in itself.....but this is the first dinner party with just his adults.  There will be about 20 of them - guys and girls- and they are all going out to the local italian place.

Of course (as mothers do) I tried to suss out if he was accompanying anyone in particular....but he was annoyingly closed mouth about it.

It went something like this;

Him:  I'm going out tomorrow night
Me:  Who with?
Him:  About 20 of us
Me: Girls as well?
Him:  Yes
Me: Anyone particular?
Him:  No
Me:  Who will you be sitting next to?
Him:  I dunno
Me:  How are you getting there?
Him:  You're dropping me the way, I'm going to need a lot of money
Me:  Well you can use your money...that's why you have a part time job
Him:  That's not fair....I don't want to spend my money on that
Me:  It's your social life
Him:  You're my're supposed to pay for it....anyway, what's for dinner?

Serenity now.......

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