Thursday 17 January 2013

Sun, surf and sunburn.....

Master 15 had a day at the beach with his friends yesterday.

I was on car duty.  This means you are expected to drive around to different homes and pick up as many boys as you are able to fit in.  You are then expected to deliver them to the beach....and are not allowed to stay...not even at a distance...for fear anyone suspects you are with them.  You must wait at home until the time you are summoned back for the pick up.  This is usually done summarily by text message.

At this point you are expected to return to the beach in a speedy manner...and pick them up on the edge of the car park....remember they're cool...and cool doesn't do Mum.  At this point you drive them all back to their respective homes as they sit on your upholstery with their wet bums and sandy bodies...complaining about the sunburn they have....because they are far too cool to wear a rashie...after all they are 15!!

A Beginners Guide to the Beach

There was a young man who went to the beach,
"Please wear your rashie," I was heard to beseech. 
"Put on your sunscreen...cause your skin is so fair,"
"Shove on a reduces the glare."
"Swim where the flags are...stay near the shore,"
"Reapply sunscreen...and then add some more."
"You can't reach your keep on a shirt,"
"You don't want to burn....cause it really will hurt."
So I told this young man....who went to the beach,
All of the things....that I knew I should teach.
But this lad is fifteen and he thought he knew better,
And now here he is....getting redder and redder!!

By Me


  1. p.s. love the look on his face - what a ham!!!

  2. oh dear! perfect hue against your blinds. I remember being 15...and I remember the pain of a sunburn like that :(
    good luck for the next visit to the beach!
    Ally x

  3. Oh that HURTS! Love the poem. thanks for Rewinding.

    1. Thanks for hosting ... I think it's a fabulous idea :0)