Wednesday 30 January 2013

Hello High School....

Not so very long ago I sent a cute little boy off to his very first day at big school....

He was keen to be a big boy and start school....but was a little nervous about the unknown.

Fast forward 7 years and not too much has changed.

Master 12 started big, big school this morning......

He was keen....high school has more street cred....and all kids reach the point where they are anxious to grow up.  But he was also nervous....having an older brother filling your head with high school horror stories will do that.  Master 12 is a kid that gets comfort from routine and familiar surroundings.

I picked him up this afternoon...he had a big grin on his face....that's a good sign.

You know your boy is growing up when you ask them how it went and they shrug their shoulders...."Good"....and that's it.

I managed to get a little more information by bribing him with chocolate milk.....apparently the good things about High School are that you are allowed to sit anywhere you want  and the teachers don't act childish (!?!).  The bad things are that the timetable is complicated and he's not going to use the toilets....ever!

His final assessment...."High School is better than Primary"....and with that I let out a giant sigh of relief!


  1. phew!...what a handsome high school lad...(but I just have to say what a cutie pie infants schooler!) hes never using the toilets?? could get that were the cool kids still smoke??. im so clueless re high school (thank god!) Ax

    1. Apparently you enter the toilets at your own risk! Who knows what goes on in there....nobody is brave enough to find out....if truth be known probably absolutely nothing :0)
      Just you'll turn around twice and your littlies will be there....I kid you feels like they start kindergarten and 5 minutes later they're in HIgh School. :P

  2. I love the name of your blog..
    My son has just finished Year 12 and I also have a 15 year old.
    Know exactly what you're going through ..High school, they certainly grow up fast..xx

    1. Thanks Tara :)
      Where does the time go? The school years are going by in the blink of an eye.....can't remember it travelling quite so fast when I was at school :0)

  3. My sons would not use the toilets either. Apparently the cleaner used to stand at entrance with a very large diameter hose and blast them but that's all the cleaning they received.

    My second grandchild, Miss 12 started high school yesterday and seems to like it. so far. A clever girl but easily distracted. Her cousin who turned 14 two weeks ago is now in Year Nine. He was a baby only yesterday! His two younger sisters started at the same school as he is, although they are in Year 3 and 5.

    The youngest is in second grade. I don't need to look and see the policemen getting younger, I just check the grandchildren.