Saturday 19 January 2013

I'm in love.....

Let me introduce you to the love of my life.........

He has been known to blow both hot and cold...and that is exactly why I love him sooo much!  I am especially fond of him when he gives me the cold shoulder...and the cold everything else.

Yesterday, I literally could not have lived without him.

Yesterday was a record breaker...and not in a good way.  The hottest Sydney day on record...EVER!!!
It hit 45.8 degrees in the city...that's over 114 degrees for any American readers....that is H.O.T!

I went to pick up Master 12 from a friend's place at around 2.00pm.....the helpful thermometer on my car gave this reading......'re reading it does say 50 degrees.  I assumed it reached that figure because it had been parked in the sun...but even after driving never dropped below 48 degrees.

Once the sun started to dip I ventured outside to inspect the garden was fried....I don't think anything will be able to resurrect these ones :(

Is summer over yet??

Try to stay cool and think snowy thoughts......


  1. yet in that last shot you look so ....well cool calm and collected (im not giving the snow bubble any credit! ). our a/c has been cranked up to arctic as well. those killer temps are in our neck of the woods today. I was out hanging washing on the line at 6am (bloody kids you get up early!) and no bull I had a nasty sweat happening - not that I sweat mind you - oh yes I do....hope its a bit cooler for you sydneysiders today.
    Allison x

    1. Thanks Allison...our cool change hit about 9.00pm last night...and it was a goodie....dropped about 20 degrees...hope you get to enjoy it real soon.
      I don't sweat either...I glow :)