Tuesday 29 January 2013

Hidden treasure....

Hubby discovered an old game of his when we emptied out the old entertainment unit....see yesterday's post for that exciting adventure.

He decided it was almost certainly worth a small fortune by now.....being vintage and all....and decided to check out that fount of valuation knowledge....eBay....to see if he would be able to take an early retirement.

Turns out he will have to keep working for a few years yet!

In the process however, he discovered that people will pay good money for those old gems.....Game and Watches.  Now it just so happens that I had a few of those in my youth...and so I was sent to check out the boxes of mystery in the back of the cupboard in the hope of finding them....just in case he could take early retirement on my money instead.

The Game and Watches remained elusive...and no doubt a trip into the roof cavity will follow at a later date to locate those....but I did find this little hidden treasure.

It's my "port" from kindergarten....and inside....some carefully selected school books from my Primary School years.

I obviously didn't keep them all....just some very early ones....and most of my Poetry and Creative Writing.  My favourite subjects back then....and still enjoyed today....hence this blog.

Here's a delightful self portrait I drew on one of my first days of kindergarten....

....something was terrifyingly wrong with my legs!

Then an exciting story about cracker night.....from first grade.

Obviously written back in the olden days....when you were allowed to set off fireworks in your own back yard.....those were the days.

But my favourite of all.....a report written covering Toffee Day in fourth grade......

Toffee Day
At playlunch time On Wednesday the 28th of November 4/5S will be holding a toffee stall, I think it will be rather heavy.  It will be held at 11 o'clock near the canteen weathershed.  They will be sold for 5c each.  The money that is raised will go to Stewart House, I'd rather keep it myself.  We are hoping to sell at least 50 of them.  So please don't forget to bring your money.  Thank You.

Which proves I was a ratbag back then too!


  1. Love this! I'm saving some of my boys' early work in the hopes they'll one day get this much joy out of them. Thanks for Rewinding.

    1. I'm sure that one day they will love rediscovering them :0)