Monday 21 January 2013

A long lunch......

We spent a lovely afternoon with some old friends yesterday.

I would put up a few photos, but Mr T is averse to having his picture on the I shall keep him suitably incognito.

They came to our place for was one of those long, lazy meals that started with nibbles, cheese and wine, to be followed with a bruschetta starter, to be followed later with a surf and turf be followed even later with a lime and lemon tart for desert.

As a result we were eating our lunchtime desert at around 7.00pm.

If we were in a restaurant there would be no tips for speedy service...but we were in no rush and there was plenty of time for conversation and reminiscing.

In effect we were eating.....constantly.....for many, many hours.

We waved them off as they left for the drive home at around 8.00pm...and wandered back inside.

Master 15 turned to me....."I'm hungry.....what's for dinner?"


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