Friday 18 January 2013

Oops...I did it again....

Master 15 was still suffering with his sunburn yesterday.

He told me that he dreamt it was the end of the world...I'm pretty sure that's because he was experiencing fervent heat of nuclear proportions.

Here's hoping things are on the improve today.

Despite his discomfort we made a quick trip to the shops.

Last Monday I took him for an eye test.  Something about the way he watched TV with his nose pressed against the screen gave me a hint that there may be a little problem with his eyesight.  He was tested and declared to be short sighted...which came as absolutely no surprise.

What was a little more surprising were the spectacles he decided to choose.  Apparently they are THE thing.  However...I'm pretty sure they were THE thing back in the eighties.

They were ready to be picked off we went......

Mmmmm.....I'm waiting for them to grow on me!

Sort of reminds me of someone....

Back at home I accidentally started another know that thing I swore I wouldn't do...not until I had finished all those other half done ones!!

I found some fabric that I had bought years ago...and for reasons completely unknown....I decided it had to be made into something that very day.

And so I did.....


  1. im so jellyarse of anyone who can just whip up some cushions in a day!! Let alone cute also jellyarse of your boys new glasses!!. I had a similar pair in orange, yep early 80`s. Shame our kids will never believe how hip we actually were!
    Allison x