Tuesday 22 January 2013

Let me tell you a secret.....

I have been having a clandestine affair.....and this time it's not with the air conditioner.

I've been trying to keep it from Hubby...though I suspect that he suspects.

It won't last forever...in fact I have it on good authority that it's for a limited time only.

So I'm grabbing any chance to indulge....whenever and wherever it arises.

I can be found sneaking out at all hours for a guilty rendezvous.....which coincidentally usually coincides with Master 15's pick ups and drop offs from work.

But tell me....who could possible resist......

...a frozen passionfruit Slurpee type thing.....for a limited time only??


  1. whack a bit of passionfruit on anything and im there!!....is it not the best flavour ever!. Our closest M is 40 mins away....so tell me are they worth the drive! x

    1. I highly recommend them....very refreshing on a hot day...but you'll have to eat in....definitely won't last the 40 minute drive home :0)
      I agree...everything is better with passionfruit :)