Wednesday 2 January 2013

Normal programming resumes.....

Well the festivities of the season are well and truly over!

No more excuses...I can't do the washing it's Christmas...I'm not cooking tonight it's Boxing'll have to iron your own shirt it's one of those strange lazy days between Xmas and New Year's Eve.....there's a strange smell emanating from the back of the fridge but I can't find the source it's New Year's Day!  You get the idea!

It's back to normal programming...and as if to prove the point...Christmas has been all packed up and put firmly back into her* box!

It took me three days to get those decorations oneday two and day three......and only an hour or so to unceremoniously dump them all back in!  Someone needs to write a Christmas carol for that little task...Undeck the Halls...perhaps?!?

* After pondering this matter I have decided that Christmas is definitely of the female gender....she is merry (specially after a few glasses of champers on the 25th) and she is bright (we all know the gals are the more logical sex)....she likes expensive decorations...and she believes it's fine to spend that much on an outfit even if you're only going to wear it once a year!

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