Tuesday 1 January 2013

Party...party...party.....like it's 2013....

I'd love to tell you that I spent last night at a fabulous party.

I got all dressed up and was looking spectacular...if I do say so myself!  The party was at this amazing place overlooking Sydney harbour....where we had a birds eye view of all the fireworks.  The party was  a sophisticated, glamorous affair....it was filled with celebrities and other beautiful people.  Low and behold Gerard Butler was there and he made a pest of himself trying to get me to leave my husband and run away with him!

I'd love to tell that was how I spent last night.....but I'd be lying!

In fact I spent last night with Hubby and the boys...we went to the movies and saw The Hobbit.  Because it was New Years Eve and you really are supposed to do something special...we sat in the posh seats....you know the plush ones with the proper arm rests...that you don't have to share with the person next to you!  Wow...we really are living the high life!!!!

We were on our way home....driving past the Golf Club....when we realised it was 9.00pm....Firework time!!  So we stopped on the side of the road....like many, many others....and waited for the show to begin.  We're obviously on country time here...the 9.00pm fireworks didn't start until 9.15.

There were a few bangs and hisses...the assembled crowd obligingly oohed and aahed....and then it was all over.  Sydney Harbour it most definitely wasn't.  The firework budget was obviously not a high priority on the agenda at Wyong Shire Council in 2012.

So then we went home, Hubby went to bed...the boys soon followed.

I stayed up till midnight....on my own.....singing Abba's Happy New Year to myself...with the gentle snores of Hubby providing backup vocals in the background...woohoo....I'm such a party animal!!

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