Thursday 24 January 2013

Spot the difference.....

Usually when I go shopping for the day it's to the local suburban shopping centre...if I'm feeling adventurous I might venture further afield to a shopping centre in another suburb....but today I tried something quite, quite different.

Today I went to the big smoke and shopped in the city.

Master 15 and a couple of his friends wanted a day "in town"......and as I'm not quite prepared to let him take off on the train on his own....just yet....Master 12 and I scored a day out too.....whether we liked it or not.  Master 12 did not like it.

It was quite a shock to my system when the alarm went the the unearthly hour of 6.00am.  This was to enable me to get up, get ready, get the kids up, feed the dog, nag Master 12 to get ready, pick up the other two boys from their homes, drive to the local train station, find a park, buy a ticket and catch the train....all by 7.53.

Master 12 not liking it
Here is Master 15 and pals not knowing me on the train....don't you just love teenagers....

It took over 2 hours to get from our place to Town wouldn't be out of the question to be expecting something pretty special after travelling that far.....would it?

However I found the shops in the city to be basically the same as those in the suburbs....with just a few minor differences.

Fancy Schmancy

  • The floor tiles are much nicer.
  • It cost me $16.80 to get there....I can only imagine the cost of being a full time commuter. 
  • There is more "high end"....which I can't afford....and I doubt many others can either.....dresses reduced to $1050 for example.  
  • The clothes that Master 15 specifically wanted....and travelled all that way for.....were found to be more expensive than if he had ordered them off the internet and then had them shipped from the UK.....he bought them anyway.
  • A chocolate milkshake costs $7......I bought it anyway....Master 12, that is why you will one day be paying for my nursing home!
Liquid gold
Next time we'll just go sightseeing!

But at least the parking was free....

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