Wednesday 23 January 2013

One week till school goes back....and other harsh realities.... holidays are almost over......where in the world did that 6 weeks disappear to?

I know plenty of Mum's are eagerly counting down the days....and trust me in some ways I am too.

This household desperately needs some form of routine reinstalled.

When it's holidays our sleeping patterns are all over the place, our eating patterns are all over the place, the housework is done sporadically, exercise is totally forgotten, washing is only done when someone runs out of something....and we never know what day of the week it is.

99% of the time I love it.....Hubby not so much!

But now it is almost over....Master 15 is about to go into Year 10....which I'm sure has to be a mistake....because by my calculations he only started school about 3 years ago.

Master 12 is about to start High School...and this thought horrifies me somewhat.  Mostly because my little baby is almost grown up...and partly because it reinforces the fact that I must be getting OLD!!

So today we are off to the uniform shop at school to collect a few last minute supplies...I'll come out of there with a school diary, a small pile of exercise books, a pair of shorts and maybe a polo shirt and a supermassive black hole in my bank account!!!

Welcome back to reality!

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