Tuesday 8 January 2013


The temperatures are predicted to hit 43 degrees in Sydney today.....that's approximately 110 degrees in the old money.

Heaven help the western suburbs...which usually mange to climb another 5 degrees or so higher than anyone else.

So I have come up with a few of MY tips for keeping cool.....please note they are totally unendorsed by any authority which may actually know....

  • If you have air conditioning turn it on......as early possible....set your alarm....better yet set Hubby's alarm.
  • Close all windows, blinds, curtains....the more your home resembles a cave the better.
  • Drink, drink, drink....very important to stay hydrated.  However, best not make them alcoholic bevvies....we all know that famous saying..."Only mad dogs and Englishmen and intoxicated Aussies go out in the midday sun".
  • If you have no AC at home I suggest a trip to the cinema.  Pick the longest movie possible....I can personally recommend The Hobbit....which runs for 169 minutes plus trailers and advertising...that should get you through.
  • A day at the shops is a possibility....however....many, many people will have the same plan.  By the time you eventually find a parking spot, fight the crowds inside the shops and not be able to get a table in the Food Hall you will be feeling extra hot under the collar....and any added warmth is not to be recommended today.
  • Wear as little as possible....if you can get away without a bra....do it!  Today is the day for hanging free.
  • Tie any hair below your neck up if possible....I swear for every cm of hair hanging down my neck I suffer an extra degree of body heat....but perhaps that's just me.
  • A personal favourite of my kids.....put your CLEAN undies in the freezer for an hour or so....before donning them for your cooling enjoyment.
  • No physical exertion to be attempted...at all!!  Slothful lounge lying thoroughly recommended.
  • Try to skip work....however, if work has AC, go and try to score a few hours paid overtime while you're at it.
  • Pray for an early onset southerly buster...which has absolutely nothing to do with my dog.
  • If you only have a fan...then I suggest lying on a tiled floor in front of it...while spraying yourself constantly with a water bottle.
  • Do NOT sunbake...this will only result in sunburn and sunstroke...neither of which are pleasant.
  • Remember your deodorant...you might not smell you....but we sure will!
  • Try to enjoy it...it's the one day you can be sure you look smoking hot!
  • If the electricity fails....PANIC.....it's every man for himself!