Monday 14 January 2013

Home Sweet Home......

I'm a home decor tragic from way's just a very small sample of my rather extensive magazine collection.....

But now that I have discovered this wonderful world of blogs I get to scratch that itch whenever the urge takes waiting for the next the click of a mouse I can always find someones lovely decor to admire.

A large part of this blog perusal is looking for ideas.....but another part is just good old-fashioned sticky beaking.  Come on there's a bit of a sticky beak in all of us....isn't there??

Reading blogs is like taking a drive at night and seeing through windows into people's homes...but it's much, much better.....for a start you don't get whiplash when you see something you like....and you're much less likely to cause a terrible accident.

I'm starting to sound like some creepy peeping tom now....but really it's all about the decor....I promise.

Anyhoo....I decided it was high time to give instead of here's a few shots of my place....but just the tidy bits.


  1. what a lovely home!! the church pew.

    1. I saw a photo of one I liked and showed it to my father in thing I knew he turned up with this....he made it himself...some people are so clever :)

  2. Completely agree with you, that's why I love blogs too :) Your home is gorgeous and your clock gallery is fantastic!
    Cas x

    1. Thanks Cas...the clocks evolved over time...I started with one and then gradually found others I grew from there :)