Saturday 26 January 2013

Happy Australia Day...

Today is Australia Day......and this year it can be found nestled snugly within the Australia Day Long Weekend.  It's so much nicer that way.....when it falls mid week it just doesn't feel right....nothing is more Australian than enjoying a long weekend.

There's really no excuse not to make a whole holiday of it.  Therefore, I decree from henceforth whenever our National Day falls within a weekend it will be known as......Australia Day Eve, Australia Day and Boxing Kangaroo Day....and everyone must "Avagoodweekend".

We began our patriotic celebrations last night by going out to dinner for that most cherished and true blue of Aussie traditional meals...the local Chinese Restaurant.  There is nothing more Aussie than a Friday night serving of spring rolls and sweet n sour pork....we all grew up enjoying that.

Master 12 brought a mate...I nearly typed friend but that wouldn't do for this post.....we will call him Master Z.  He showed us his fully Australian chilli eating talents.....

Today most Aussies will be enjoying Family BBQs.....with a dozen snags per person.....just in case......after all Bruce from next door said he might drop over for a beer.

I will be following the other Saturday Australian tradition...that of cricket widow....cause if cricket doesn't stop for sure doesn't take a break for Australia Day!

To prove my true blue patriotism to the citizens of the world.....well at least the ones driving past my place....I decided to add a little decorative flair and a whole lot of Aussie spirit to the house....

....amazing how much national pride you can buy for $5 from Coles.

Until you read the fine print.......

Finally, I nicked this from a friend's mate's facebook page....I think it sums it up better than I ever could :)

Hope everyone has a fantastic Australia Day.....Aussie, Aussie, Aussie.....oi, oi, oi!!!


  1. you crack me first glance I thought oi shes got another kid I haven't seen before!....a ring in....every aussie family has one....enjoy your long weekend.

  2. LOL.....we often manage to pick up an extra one somewhere ;)
    Hope you have a good weekend too :)