Tuesday 5 March 2013

Just a little bit crazy.....

You know it has come to my attention that I am a little odd.

Those that know me best will probably say I am more than "a little" odd.

But despite the obvious oddnesses I enjoy...like always having to hang out the washing with a specific sequence of blue, pink and then white pegs and having to blow on the top of every soft drink can before I open it (certifiable I know)...there is another...more secret oddness I harbour.

I am a huge fan of the magazine subscription....I have been trying to cut back on this addiction.  In fact having cut out my Home Beautiful subscription and my Country Home Ideas Subscription...I suspect I am doing quite well in controlling my vice.  Until I realised that the buying of the magazines is not really where my problem lies.

You see every time I get a new magazine in the mail...and don't we all love magazine mail day....I feel the need to "save" it.  This means I have to fight back the immediate urge to rip that plastic open and consume the contents.  I tell myself to wait...it will be more enjoyable if I save it for a "special" time??  What constitutes a "special" time I haven't the foggiest idea.

Anyhoo, the lunacy of this notion hit me today.....when I thought I would reward myself with the opening of a new magazine and found the alarming evidence of my utter insanity......

I have unopened copies of my favourite magazines dating back to the Halloween Issues in October 2012.

If anyone can beat me in the cuckoo crazy stakes...I'd love to hear it!!


  1. I think you need beating with those mags!!....please tell me you don't have piles of old newspapers in your hallway!!....did you watch hoarders last night on telly?? x

    1. HA...no newspapers...or cats...but I do find Hoarders peculiarly fascinating :O

  2. This speaks to me. In fact, in the minute before I read your post, I remembered the three which came in the mail yesterday morning. One was a rather interesting catalogue almost the size of an annual IKEA catalogue. That will need time, so it's still in the plastic. Another is a home beautiful type of thing, most of its content does not apply to me in an apartment, and the other was my quarterly copy of YARN, an interesting Australian magazine with articles and patterns and engrossing ads.

    YARN was yesterday's lunch read and the home one will be today. It's pretty and I enjoy the recipes. It probably won't be renewed. It was a gift. However the catalogue will await my time to read it. I have all year.

    I do read at the table as I live by myself. My mother would have been horrified. Despite some years by herself she would never sink so low. That's her opinion, of course, not mine. I read the SMH on iPad at breakfast.

    I think keeping such things is not a bad idea but it would need watching. I do put them aside as a treat if tired, sick, down or whatever.

    1. Hi Jan.....you read at the table all you like....I promise not to tell :)

  3. No, you win! Saving magazines for good is not the same as saving clothes for good. The news becomes the olds. :-)

    1. I see the error of my ways....I think this demands a day on the lounge...ignoring all children, husbands and housework....and reading said mags until I catch up :0)