Monday 11 March 2013

Drama amidst the domestic dreariness.....

Yesterday was an eventful day of high drama.

Well not in the way of an Action Thriller Movie....but eventful for our little slice of domestic humdrum.

On Saturday I started making plans for a complete overhaul of our front yard.  I drew up a quick sketch...which we will call Plan # 1.....

Hubby had a quick look and vetoed the removal of the protruding section of retaining wall, he put the kibosh on taking the new path all the way to the footpath and he pooh poohed the replacement of the retaining wall with a prettier retaining wall.

But I was not to be deterred...and hence I came up with an alternative that will be known as Plan # 2....

This one involves the construction or purchase of a little arbour...and as Hubby is not renowned for his construction skills....pretend I didn't type that....I think purchase will be the better, more logical and safest option.

So far this plan seems to have the thumbs stay tuned to see if any actual progress eventuates.

It was a beautiful day.....perfect for getting some work done outside.

Now please admire the picture above...please note the exemplary state of the newly mowed grass....I did that!!

Yes folks...I mowed the grass...not only did I mow it....I started the mower myself.  A remarkable feat that has never before been witnessed in these parts!!  All accolades and congratulations will be gratefully received.

Then we get to the part with the high drama.

Having completed the amazing achievement of mowing the lawn...I was sitting down enjoying an icy cold Pepsi Max...and modestly and graciously accepting the praises of Hubby...when an excited barking from Buster all but drowned out the sound of Hubby's exaltations.

Hubby from his vantage point watched the horrific scene unfold.  Buster had come across one of his nemesis...the blue tongue lizard....

Please note:  This was taken on a previous occasion and is not the actual Blue Tongue lizard

Before he could yell out "Buster you vicious beast...leave the poor thing alone"...Buster had grabbed the lizard, shaken it and flipped it up and over his head.  Then the most horrid part...which thankfully I did not witness...but Hubby did...the poor thing split in two.

I was horrified and sickened and appalled.  Buster has only ever killed one thing before...that was a mouse.....and somehow I didn't feel quite the same sympathy for that critter.  But this was different...I felt ill....and even Buster looked ashamed.  I know it's his natural instinct...he is a ratter after all...but this was horrible, horrible, horrible!

So Buster the homicidal maniac is definitely in the doghouse!


  1. wow well done you with the lawn mowing!....its a rather ghastly job don't you think...I have a fellow who comes and does ours....a lovely chap! its true I have a bloke do it but hes not lovely and charges like a wounded Buster!.....poor little mutt. we have a terrier as well so ive had the bluey experience....oh the shame!...really, split in two!!!. he can now be the poster boy for "when terriers go bad!"....but look at that face :(
    Al x

    1. Oh super...your mower man sounds like a splendid chap....not!!
      Yes...really split in two....I don't want to be entirely grotesque....but Buster was left with the tail, the back legs and the guts while the front legs and the head nearly went flying into our bedroom window!!!!!!