Wednesday 6 March 2013

I'm not lost...I'm just taking the scenic route.....

I had a lovely lunch with "the girls" today.

The location was the Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club....a place I have never been before ...and didn't even know existed.

So to avoid the very real possibility that I would become hopelessly lost I used the Navman that Hubby gave me for Christmas a few years ago.

Now I have a non existent sense of direction...I am hopelessly inept at remembering the names of roads...even major ones....I have absolutely no concept of distance....and I can't read a map.  But for some reason when that Navman lady starts telling me where to go....I inevitably start believing that I know better....that what she's telling me can't possibly be right...and that I should follow my own instincts!!??!!

I don't have any instincts!

I just have blind stupidity.

So when she tells me to take the Pacific Highway exit off the freeway....of course I take the Pennant Hills Road exit. When she tells me to turn right in 500 metres...I turn right immediately.  When she tells me to follow to the end of the road...I decide to it's best to perform an intricate sequence of left and right turns up narrow lane ways.

But somehow.....and believe me I don't know how....I ended up in the right place.

Good management, good luck or guidance from a higher being??


  1. Oh no crack up. Maybe it was instinct!
    Pleased you got there safely...xx

    1. Maybe it was my nose...I can sniff out a bistro lunch in a 50 km radius ;0)