Monday 25 March 2013

Exercise is good for you...or is it?

In this era of computers and PlayStation's and iPods and iPads and mobile phones and stranger danger, children end up spending way too much time inside sitting on their bums and not enough time outside running around.

As a direct result of this situation I am a huge fan of children's organised sport.....until training day or game day....when I have to stop sitting on MY bum with my computer or my iPod or my iPad or my mobile phone...and take them there.

Oops...I digress.....I am a huge fan of children's organised sport...particularly team sports.

It teaches them to be a team be work together with others. They learn skills...both physical and gets them gets them fit.  It teaches them how to win and even more importantly how to lose....graciously.

Most importantly of all it gets them outside and into the fresh air.

On Saturday afternoon Master 15 had his final trial soccer game....before the season proper begins after Easter.

There they were...on a perfect Autumn afternoon....running around...with the sun on their backs....a gentle breeze blowing...breathing in great lungfuls of fresh country air..... the dappled shadow....of a huge, monstrous, belching POWER STATION!!!

Eeewww.....maybe exercise is a health hazard after all!!


  1. hi JO, how are you JO, had a good day JO!! I feel better now x....oh god im joining (and going) to the gym tomorrow for the first time in 8 years...nothing like the Dr telling you (with a smirk) that you have a fatty liver....sounds soooo attractive doesn't it....may just get me off my fat butt....but if there is a power station nxt door im outa there! x