Saturday 23 March 2013

A double century.....

Back on the 28th August 2012.....I decided to start writing a blog.

I wrote about my reasons for this momentous decision here.

Ever since that date I have tried to blog every day.  There have...of course....been occasions where I haven't been able to for one reason or another....but in the most part I have surprised even myself by just how well I have stuck to it.

I have this theory that if I miss a will turn into two days and then a week and then a month...and before I know it I will never blog again....much like what happens to my plans for an exercise regime.

Some days I actually have something to say....most days I just rave on about the minutiae of my life and hope that I'm not boring anybody who happens to read it too much.

Well, today just so happens to be my 200th blog post....and they said I'd never last!

An Ode To My Blog

I sit at my computer and type the details of my day,
Nothing deep, profound or smart...I just like to have my say.
I could write it in a journal and lock it up all tight,
But what if someone wants to's unlikely...but they might.
I write of things that happen and the things that I wish would,
I'd tell of grand adventures and odd mysteries if I could.
Instead it's just the kids, the I'm the perfect wife,
Things I've bought or made or said in my boring little life.
So I sit down and I ramble and I tell it my own way,
And if you'd like to read along then you'll really make my day.

By Me

Pic from here


  1. happy 200th!!...I love that you post so often, and im always eager to read...but you know we just cant go on like this anymore!....I need to know your name!!!!....I realised the other day when I commented on a post I have no bloody idea what your name is..gonna tell or do you wish to remain mysterious! x

    1. LOL...mysterious sounds good...but I'm never good with a secret.
      It would be very clever if my name was Angel or Angela or something like that...but nah...I'm just Jo :0)

  2. this is such a lovely ode! so so great to give yourself applause! congrats on your 200th blog post! xo

    1. Thanks Rebecca...time flies when you are having fun :0)

  3. 200! Well done, I stated my blog around the same time, but am yet to hit 100. But I don't blog on the week-end and I took October off to go on holidays, oh I know excuses excuses, I am like that with exercise. Which I never do.

    1. Blogging definitely makes you look at life differently....there is a potential post in every mundane thing that happens :0)