Friday 29 March 2013 baby's 13......

The big day has arrived and Master 12 is no more....hello Master 13.

Last night we all survived the murderous killing spree....aka a Laserblast Party.

The  only casualties were a bruised arm from some careless walking into a door frame and a case of appendicitis....which required a call to a mother for an early pick up part way through the party.

We always like to have a bit of added drama to spice things up!!

Please note the amazing colour coordination I achieved...which I would like to claim as skillful but was in fact coincidental.

Despite it being Good Friday and a public holiday....we were up early....for the present distribution......

....which Buster was convinced were for him......

....unlucky Buster!!

McDonalds was requested for birthday breakfast....and of course.....they were they ever close??

Which left Master 12 free to nurse a bad case of indigestion until 10am when he officially became Master 13.

Happy Birthday Master 13!!!

And heaven help me....TWO teenage boys in the house!!


  1. Love the shot of you and Bub, your smile is huge. How did you manage to look so amazing after giving birth? Hmmm did you have one of those tv births? Grunt, baby born, make up touched up, smile for camera?

    1. I think it was more a grimace than a smile.....and the epidural hadn't worn off at that point :0)